Spiritual Direction

For anyone seeking balance, purpose and deeper intimacy with God

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Spiritual Direction

We Will Walk With You The journey toward God is not meant to be a solitary one. Contact us to find the spiritual companion you need. In spiritual direction, seeker, guide and Spirit meet in holy conversation so “you may have life and have it more abundantly.” The content of any direction session is simply your life -- whatever you feel moved to bring to prayer and reflection. We also offer support and enrichment for spiritual companions, including group and one-on-one supervision.

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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an unhurried conversation between a seeker, guide and the Spirit. Through deep listening, your spiritual director will help you listen to that still, small, voice, and discern how the Spirit is moving in your life. All conversations are confidential. A session typically happens once a month and is about one hour long.

Spiritual Direction Is Not Counseling

Your spiritual director will not diagnose or fix problems, prescribe a certain way of living, or tell you what to do. In spiritual direction, the focus is on understanding your true self as created in the image of God and understanding your relationship to Spirit. We are committed to the radical belief that each of us needs time apart to find, deepen, or refresh our connection to what matters most in life.

Who Is Spiritual Direction For?

*Anyone who wants to grow in intimacy with God, self and others.
*Anyone who is longing for more.
*Anyone who desires core healing and greater freedom.
*Anyone seeking discernment in making a decision. *Anyone who wishes to find his/her true self.

Finding The Holy In The Ordinary

You are invited to bring whatever arises in your prayer to spiritual direction. As Henri Nouwen writes, "...the validity of the questions does not depend on the availability of answers but on the questions' capacity to open us to new perspectives and horizons."

Is There A Fee?

The initial meeting is free. After that, the base charge for each session is $50. If you are not able to pay the base rate, please contact us. If you are able to pay more, we gratefully accept “Pay It Forward” payments to help support this work.

To Schedule An Introductory Interview

Call (585) 473-6893 or email Pat Lawlor at [email protected] to set up an interview